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Keeping your Legal Fees Down

While we are very cost-conscious on your behalf, there are some things you can do to assist us in keeping your legal fees and costs to a minimum:

  1. Telephone calls tend to be shorter than face-to-face meetings.  For most items (beyond the Initial Consult), a phone call should suffice.  In general, the attorney will let you know if she needs you to come in for a meeting, as opposed to having a phone call.
  2. Collect your thoughts.  Obviously, we do want you to contact us immediately by email and/or phone if something happens for which you need our immediate assistance.  For less urgent matters, it is usually more cost-effective to collect your thoughts and/or questions and organize them into a list first, then send one email to the attorney. 
  3. Make photocopies of your original financial and/or discovery documents yourself, whenever possible.