New Clients

Mediation Orientation

There is no retainer for mediation.  Instead, the parties “pay as they go.”  Both parties meet together with the mediator for sessions that typically last 2 hours each and are billed and pay at the conclusion of each session.  The mediator’s services are billed at the rate of $300.00 per hour.  When they sign the Agreement to Mediate, the parties decide how they would like to allocate between themselves their responsibilities for payment.  (eg: 100% paid by one party; 50-50; 60-40; etc.)

There is no Initial Consultation, per se, for mediation.  Instead, the first session is booked for 2 ½ hours, of which the first half hour is the Orientation to Mediation.  If the parties then sign the Agreement to Mediate, the rest of that session is spent in actual mediation.  The fee for that first meeting is $600.00, as we do not charge for that first half-hour orientation.

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