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Fees and Fee Advances

When you retain our firm, you will be asked to pay a retainer, also known as a "fee advance." The advance is money that is held in a trust account for you and is used to pay your legal bills. You will be billed for the amount of time our attorneys and staff spend on your matter (billed in six minute increments). 


50% off the Initial Consultation fee and $25/hr reduction in our customary hourly rates



You will also be billed for costs incurred on your behalf, such as photocopies, postage, facsimiles, court fees, couriers, and court reporters. As fees and costs are billed, money is swept from your trust account to cover those expenses. If your fee advance balance drops too low, you will be asked to renew your advance. Any funds that are left over when your matter is concluded are returned to you.

The amount of your initial retainer will be determined by the attorney who conducts your Initial Interview/Consultation, and depends upon the nature and complexity of your matter. How much you actually end up spending is highly dependent upon you and the other party (or parties) involved in your family law matter. A family law matter can be stressful enough without having the added worry of huge legal bills. At Hite Kaminsky Family Law & Mediation, we strive to provide cost effective legal services by advising courses of action designed to provide the most benefit for the money spent.

You will receive an invoice from us every month you have activity in your matter – regardless of whether you owe anything – so you can see how your money has been spent and how much remains in your account with us.

Payment of the fee advance and payment of invoices can be made in the form of cash, personal check, or credit card. If you are paying by credit or debit card, we offer easy access to online payment.

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