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Client Testimonials

Words can never express how truly grateful I am for the compassion, determination and thoroughness that Kelly Hite and her staff provided during a difficult divorce.
A child custody battle can be one of the more painful things a parent has to go through....Thanks to Kelly and her team, the process was made a lot easier.
Kelly brings a personal touch and a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I felt confident walking into court knowing that she was in my corner.
...Kelly actually takes the time to listen to what you, the client, have to say. And that kind of attorney is rare. I’m an attorney myself, and I know.
...Kelly is a solid professional who focuses on the 'family' aspect of an individual's case. In all respects, she made me feel like my situation was the most important case she handled.
Kelly Sweeney Hite has helped me keep my relationship with my children strong and intact. She has my utmost confidence and trust.
Michelle was fantastic with a very complicated domestic situation. She was able to locate my children’s biological father in another state (who had abandoned his children and his financial responsibility years ago) and successfully assisted with my husband adopting the children. Michelle was extremely responsive, sensitive to our emotions…and extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Since this time, I have recommended several friends to utilize Michelle for their domestic legal needs.
Michelle understands a divorce is a difficult road and provides a caring, guiding hand to get through it. She provided sound advice (even when I didn’t want to hear it) and helped me get through a long multi-year divorce period. She works hard to get results, and I had a great experience with her as my attorney.
…Due to the constant disagreements and issues which arise every year, my attorney fees have been quite substantial since 2004. Both Kelly and Michelle have been worth every penny I have spent over the years. I recommend either of them to anyone who is considering filing for divorce, has child support and/or custody issues. Michelle’s thorough knowledge and complete understanding of family law…is beyond superior. Michelle is very professional and she has ensured my children’s best interest come first. She walks me through each step of the process, every time. She has been successful in not only settling most matters through attorneys but has been successful in my favor every time motions have gone in front of a Judge.
Michelle was very compassionate and listened to my situation that lead me to file for separation and ultimately divorce. My Ex-Husband and I had verbally agreed to the division of assets prior to consulting a lawyer. Michelle reviewed each scenario with me to let me know what my rights were to make sure I was making the right choices for me and my situation. It was a comfort having Michelle in my corner.
Michelle worked with me through one of the most personally difficult times in my life…From the first meeting, she was compassionate, knowledgeable and clear… she always responded in a timely manner, she gave me clear, sanity and finance saving advice. She was especially helpful during the property settlement negotiations, offering helpful guidelines and sustaining my strength when overreaching requests were made of me…Her office was a safe place for my tears of sadness, my tears of frustration, and ultimately my tears of gratitude…She is honest, direct and compassionate. If you have to go through something as awful as separation and divorce, you want Michelle by your side.
Michelle was a past client of mine in a real estate transaction so I sought her expertise and knowledge when I went to get my child support reduced. She was very thorough and efficient. We never even ended up in court. It was all handled between attorneys and now my monthly amount is less than half what it was prior.
Over the last four years I had to go to court twice to ensure my spousal support and child support did not get the reduction my ex-husband was attempting while hiding assets and living a lavish lifestyle. Thanks to Michelle we got through it both times with a rule in my favor. Her advice and knowledge were valuable over the years.
Michelle Kaminsky is one of the best lawyers in this area! She and Kelly Hite make quite the team because they are very knowledgeable with the law and are very kind, caring, personable lawyers with a strong drive to win. Every single person in her office is very professional and friendly. My husband and I were seeking custody of our grandson. Virginia has the toughest laws for grandparents to receive full, sole and physical custody of a grandchild. Michelle was able to put our minds at ease and reassure us that what we were doing was what was best for our grandson. With this child’s life in our hands, we gave full trust to Michelle knowing she was the right lawyer for this job! In the end, we did win full, sole and physical custody of our grandson! If you are looking for a great family lawyer, Michelle Kaminsky of Kelly Hite Law is one of the absolute best lawyers that you can find!
There is no way to get around it, divorce is awful. I was a mess walking in to Kelly’s office. I was scared, confused, hurt and never imagined I would be in this situation. Kelly was supportive and understanding but more so pragmatic. She laid out the process for me in a way I could understand and did a great job explaining what to expect. Her goal is to protect you and your kids in a way that is efficient, practical and equitable…I am grateful for Kelly’s help.
Kelly represented me during my divorce and was very professional and helpful. She took a genuine interest in my case and worked diligently to ensure a positive outcome for me and my children. She and her staff were knowledgeable, responsive, honest, and direct. I have already recommended her to a friend, and I will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a quality attorney.
Divorce is a difficult step to take and from my initial consultation I knew Kelly was someone I could trust to help me get through it. She was kind, caring, and always listened to my concerns. Kelly and her staff were professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. She worked tirelessly with opposing counsel to initiate a settlement so we did not have to go to court which I truly appreciated. If you are looking for a lawyer who is compassionate to your concerns yet tough when negotiating the settlement, Kelly is the one for you.
A friend referred me to Kelly and I’m so glad he did. She did an amazing job with a difficult ex and has an exceptional staff as well. I’m sure this isn’t easy for anyone and some are more difficult than others but I feel lucky I found her as she made the entire process stress free. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She’s tough, fair, and knows all the smallest details of the law.