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The Stages of Divorce Mediation

There are many different challenges that arise during the divorce process, including those related to child custody, visitation and asset division. A preferred method of reaching an agreement that all parties can come to terms with is through divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can be broken down into a few distinct stages. Let's review the divorce mediation process below.

Common Myths about Divorce Mediation

When you're considering divorce, litigation might seem like the only path available to you. Fortunately, divorce mediation offers an alternative that benefits all parties involved. However, there are some misconceptions that might deter you in your decision to pursue mediation. In this blog post, let’s examine and dispel some of the most common divorce mediation myths.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Divorce is quite common, and some predict that divorce proceedings may increase in the aftermath of the stresses created during the coronavirus pandemic. Months of quarantine, full or partial lockdown and navigating the tricky business of reopening is taking its toll on communities and on individuals in the home. "Money worries, boredom, lack of escape from each other, conflicts over the kids, conflicts over chores [and] lack of exercise are forcing many couples to reconsider how they really feel about their partners," USA Today writes. Whatever your motivations for seeking a divorce and divorce mediation may be, it is important to understand the process.

Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before Hiring Them

Going through a divorce is emotionally and mentally draining for many reasons. What you need during this time is support, encouragement and a professional in your corner. That's why choosing the right divorce attorney is such an important step to take. But how can you feel confident that you’ve found a competent and knowledgeable divorce lawyer who will look out for your interests? Here are the top five questions to ask your potential divorce attorney.