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How to Change Your Name At the Time of or After Your Divorce

Many people want to change their surname at the time of their divorce. This brief guide can help you navigate the requirements in Virginia for obtaining a legal name change. Whether you’re at the beginning or end of your divorce proceedings, here are some important steps related to changing your name and updating important personal documentation.

Top 5 Prenuptial Agreement Considerations

As family law attorneys may tell you, a prenuptial agreement (sometimes referred to as a premarital agreement) can be highly beneficial in reducing the potential for future conflict. Having an honest, open discussion that sets expectations for the division of assets and debts should be on your to-do list before marrying. The agreements reached during such discussions can then be documented and ratified in a prenuptial agreement.

Family Law Attorneys Help With Child Custody, Visitation & Support

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your children, even as you and your spouse go your separate ways. It’s important to find a good child custody lawyer to assist in working out the custody and visitation arrangement, the child support agreement and determining the future of your children as they are impacted by your divorce. Here are some reasons why a family law attorney can facilitate the process and help modify your child custody agreement in the future to focus on your child’s best interests.

Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before Hiring Them

Going through a divorce is emotionally and mentally draining for many reasons. What you need during this time is support, encouragement and a professional in your corner. That's why choosing the right divorce attorney is such an important step to take. But how can you feel confident that you’ve found a competent and knowledgeable divorce lawyer who will look out for your interests? Here are the top five questions to ask your potential divorce attorney.