New Clients

Attorney-Client Relationship

When we formally enter into an attorney-client relationship, we will both sign a Fee Agreement which outlines our firm's responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to the firm and to your case.

Your responsibilities to us involve more than merely paying your bills on time. In hiring us, you agree to fully cooperate with the firm in our efforts on your behalf. That includes providing us with complete and accurate information pertinent to your matter, keeping us informed of your current address and phone number, and responding to our correspondence, e-mails, and phone calls in a timely fashion. We pledge to do the same. We cannot properly represent your interests if we do not have your input.

Our attorneys, paralegal, and staff work cohesively as a team. When you hire us, the entire firm stands behind you. You, the client, are an integral member of our team. Your input is solicited on all correspondence, settlement proposals, etc., and you receive copies of all correspondence and court documents relating to your matter. The fact is, of all of us, you probably know the other party in your matter best. So you, the client, play a key role in determining strategy.

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