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Highly respected and trusted by our clients and other family law practitioners alike, the Law Offices of Kelly S. Hite, PLLC is a Northern Virginia law firm that practices exclusively in family law matters. We have a proven track record for providing high quality, cost-effective and ethical results.

Divorce and other family law matters, by their very nature, tend to be emotionally charged and stressful. Attempting to navigate through the legal process on your own can be confusing and produce disastrous results. You need someone by your side to help you - and your family - return to a sense of normalcy and secure long-term financial stability. Regardless of your circumstances, we have the expertise, experience, and empathy to guide you through this challenging time. We listen to your needs and work with you to develop an approach tailored to your unique personal and financial situation.

Some of the strategies we have to offer include:

Settlement Negotiation

Settlement Services
Clients can often achieve their desired result through negotiating a settlement agreement, and at far less cost — both emotional and financial — than would have been possible by going to court.


Mediation Services
Mediation offers a less adversarial approach to divorce. In mediation, a neutral, specially trained third party, facilitates the parties' settlement talks and helps them arrive at a resolution of their divorce and/or custody related issues.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Services
Collaborative law offers a non-adversarial way to resolve divorce cases. The goal is to craft a creative and sustainable resolution that satisfies the important needs of both parties.


Litigation Services
Litigation relies on the court system to resolve issues that could not otherwise be settled. Through litigation, the parties rely on their respective attorneys to present their cases, and defer to a judge to resolve their matter.

At the Law Offices of Kelly S. Hite, we understand that family law matters are not just about dollars and cents. They are, quite simply, about family. When children are involved, after the divorce, property division, and custody and visitation have been determined, you still have to deal with the other parent for visitation exchanges, decisions regarding your children's health and education, and so on. Thus, when presenting you with options, we keep in mind their potential impact on your family relationships as a whole. Our goal is not simply to help you reach a settlement, but also to help you achieve the best possible resolution and one you can live with for years to come.

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